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Students must be present for all lessons every day. Students must bring a note for any change to routine, i.e. not participating in school activities, such as sport, swimming, excursions, P.E. or leaving school early.

2. All students must stay within the school grounds after arrival at school. Senior students (18 years or over) are permitted to leave the school at lunchtime if they have a card and if they report to the office on leaving and returning to the school.

3. Students must be on time to ali lessons. First lesson begins at 8.35 a.m.

4. Students must quickly obey any request by teachers, ethnic aides, or ancillary staff.

5. Students must not mark or damage school property, including books, in any way. Students will be asked to pay for any damage to school property.

6. Students must always wear appropriate and modest clothing.

7. Students must wear or change into suitable clothing for P.E. and sport.

8. Students must not fight or in any way be aggressive to each other.

9. Students must not swear in any language or call other students names based on their race or colour.

10. Students must not remain in classrooms during lunch and recesses. Room 7 (the hall) and the library are open to students at recess and lunch times. Students must keep this room clean and tidy.

11. Students must not eat or drink in classrooms at any time.

12. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.

13. Students must not run or play chasing games in the playground between classrooms or on the stairs.

14. Students can play ball games only on the sports field. No ball games of any kind are permitted on the grassed areas between the classrooms.

15. Students must not bring chewing gum to school or any school excursion.

16. Students must not smoke at school.

17. Students should not bring valuables or large sums of money to school. If this cannot be avoided at some time e.g. if a student has to pay the rent after school, then the money should be placed in the school safe in the office until the end of the day.

18. Students must sit quietly when travelling to and from school. By law, students must give their seats to full-fare paying passengers on crowded trains or buses. Bus and train passes can be taken away from students who misbehave on public transport.

19. Students must not swing, or must not attempt to swing, from the crossbars on the under cover walkways.

20. Students are only permitted to buy food in the BHGHS canteen at morning recess or lunchtime, and must return immediately to the IEC playground area.

21. Walkmans/discmans/computers/computer games are not allowed at school.

22. Mobile phones are not to be brought to school without the head Teacher's permission.

If you do not obey these rules or do not participate satisfactorily in class or school activities, you may be referred to the school discipline co-ordinator.

If you are referred 3 times, you will have to remain after school for detention, from 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon.

Serious offences will result in referral to the Head Teacher and possible suspension from school.


Students who attend the Centre have the opportunity to improve their English and prepare for high school. We wish you all the best for a rewarding and enjoyable stay here.