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As a student at Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre, you have certain rights. With each right you also have a responsibility. These rights and responsibilities are:



• Attend School
You have the right to attend school and to be involved in all school activities.
• Obey School Rules
You have the responsibility to obey School Rules and cooperate with teachers.
• Learn
You have the right to an orderly classroom in which you can learn.
• Try
You have the responsibility to try to do your work (schoolwork and homework) an] cooperate with the teacher to have an orderly classroom.
• Help
You have the right to get help with problems you may be having at school as well as with personal problems.
• Seek Help You have the responsibility to ask for help from your teacher or School counsellor.
• Express Opinions
You have the right to express your point of view.
• Listen You have the responsibility to listen to the opinions of others. When you express your opinion you have the responsibility not to interfere with the orderly classroom.
• Respect
You have the right to respect from other students and teachers, both for yourself and for your property.
• Respect Others
You have the responsibility to respect other students and teachers and their belongings.
• Safety
You have the right to personal safety at school both inside and outside the classroom.
• Take Care
You have the responsibility to be aware of your personal safety and the safety of others. The map showing out-of-bounds areas will help you do this.
• Friends
You have the right to the security and support of friends.
• Make Friends You have the responsibility to make friends with other students to create a pleasant work environment.
If you are responsible at school you will keep your rights.

However, if you are irresponsible at school you will lose your rights and disciplinary action, including detention (lunchtime or after school) or suscension from school may follow.