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At the Centre, on enrolment, you, the student, will be placed in a reception class. After three weeks you will be placed in the class most appropriate to your level of English. Where possible, you then remain with the same class for the whole of your stay at the Centre and have the same class teacher for the whole of this time.

Each class teacher develops a program of work for his/her particular class. However, because students progress at different rates, or if the level of work is not appropriate for the student, then the Head Teacher may place the student into a more suitable class. It is therefore not usual for a student to transfer from one class to another.


If it is necessary for you to leave school during the school day, you must bring a note from your parents to the Head Teacher before school. This note should include the date, your name and the name of the class teacher.

• Doctor and dental appointments should be made after school, not during school hours, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

• If you become sick at school and want to go home, you may do so provided your parent or guardian is at home and gives permission. Then you must tell your class teacher and get a "Permission to go Home" note from the office. This must be signed by the Head Teacher. It must be brought back to your class teacher the following day with your parent's signature.

• The student leaving early must also sign the "Leaving Early Register" in the office.

• If, for any reason, your parent or guardian wishes to take you from school during school hours, your parent or guardian is requested to come to the office so that the office staff can make arrangements to take you out of class.

• Senior students (over 18 years of age) have permission to leave the school grounds at lunch-time. They must have an identification card (provided by the school) and sign in at the office before leaving the Centre.

All students must report to the clerical office if they arrive after the 8.35 a.m. bell. Where possible, parents are asked to send a note with their son or daughter to explain lateness.

If you feel sick while at school, you can go to the clinic (a room where you can lie down quietly). If a student is seriously ill, parents are always informed. If a serious accident occurs, students may also be taken to hospital. Parents will be phoned and told to which hospital their child has been taken.

Train and public bus passes take 2 to 3 weeks to be issued. Private bus passes take from 1 to 4 weeks to be issued. The office staff will help organise all passes.

Tell your teacher immediately if you lose your pass. Your teacher and the office staff will help you get a replacement pass.
A replacement train pass will cost $15.00
A replacement bus pass will cost $12.00

If you are 16 years or over, one of the office staff will give you an identification pass which will enable you to travel for half fare on all public transport, except Hydrofoil, out of school hours. If you are 19 years or over, you will need a special pass. You must fill in a form which will be sent to the State Rail Authority, together with a stamped addressed envelope for the return of the special Identification Card.

Mobile phones are not welcome. Incoming calls must come through the office. Student can use the public phone next to the Beverly hills girls high school canteen to make calls. If it is necessary for you to have a mobile phone at school, your family must write to the teacher in charge to explain why. Then the mobile phone must be turned off in class time .No responsibility taken for loss or theft of mobile phones.

Valuable items, including walkmans, Discmans and personal computers should not be brought to school. If students need to bring large amounts of cash to school (e.g. to pay a bill for parents' after school) the cash should be deposited at the office for safe keeDina. No resPonsibility is taken for loss theft or damage to valuable items.