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Excursions are an essential part of the curriculum of all Australian Schools. There are three types of excursions.

a) WHOLE SCHOOL EXCURSIONS - The whole Centre goes on excursion for the whole of the school day.

b) CLASS EXCURSIONS - one or two classes go on an excursion. These vary in length from I hour to full day.

c) CAMP EXCURSIONS - two or three classes go on an excursion for 2-5 days.

You must take home your excursion permission form and get it signed by your parents/guardians. Excursions a) and b) are compulsory for all students. If there is any difficulty with the excursion fees or the cost of a camp excursion, the school has emergency funding for special cases.

The aims of this Centre's Excursions are to assist in the following areas:
• Science/History/Geography/Art/Commerce topics.
• Knowledge of Sydney, its transport system and places of interest.

Excursion Photographs
Swimming School is held in December each year. Each student is required to go swimming with the Centre to learn how to swim or to improve his/her swimming, or to train for a lifesaving or swimming certificate. There is a special all girl nonswimming group taught by a woman teacher from this Centre.
Clothing for swimming - appropriate swimwear and towel.

• Every student must attend swimming school.
• If your child is not able to swim on any particular day he/she must accompany the school to learn lifesaving techniques.
• There are no teachers available for supervision at the school during swimming school.

Every day before lunch, 20 minutes have been set aside for reading. This reading scheme is called D.E.A.R.
(Drop Everything and Read). It operates in a number of schools. As soon as the bell goes, the students and staff go to their reading rooms and begin to read. You choose your own reading material. The reading books/magazines can be in any language you can read. If you do not have a book/magazine to bring from home, you may borrow from the school library.
The aim is to have each member of the school (students and staff) reading quietly with interest and to encourage the habit of reading. There are special reading classes in DEAR time for students who have difficulty with reading.

All students are required to participate in P.E. and SPORT. If you are unable to participate due to medical or religious reasons, a note must be given to the school from your parents or guardian.
Students are to wear shorts or track-quit pants, t-shirts or sports shirts and
sports shoes.
Students should change before and after P.E. and sport.

In Term 2 each year there are school photographs taken. The package is made up of a class photo and at least one individual student photo.
You will be notified of the price. If you decide to buy, payment must be made in advance. You will be given an opportunity to return the photos if you are not satisfied with them.