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developed by Mr Jonathan Hornibrook

Staff: Mr David White

Science Program - Beverly Hills Intensive English centre


This course is based on the dual view of Science, expressed in the Science Syllabus 7 - 10, which sees Science as both a body of collected knowledge explaining the Universe and a set of processes used to systematically acquire and refine information, Underlying this course is the belief that a second language can be acquired through learning in a content area where the language is embedded within a context and so authentic. Input also needs to be comprehensible and flexible to cater for the varied interests, aptitudes and previous science education of students. The emphasis of the course is on group work, both in experiments and language activities to maximise opportunities for student participation and language usage. In particular, students will gain an understanding of the specific use of English in Science and so be prepared to cope with high school Science at their appropriate level.

Educational Setting

This is a Science course for newly-arrived E.S.L. students at Beverly Hills' Language Centre. Students have usually been at the Centre for one quarter before they begin Science and will stay at the Centre for another three quarters before being placed into local high schools. Classes are usually organised on English ability although sometimes age and special needs are considered. The course is therefore designed to cover thirty weeks although, because of the varied science background and ability of students, both the time frame and content must be flexible.

Student Population Profile
The student population at Beverly Hills language Centre is varied, with students from many countries, including China, Vietnam, Lebanon, Hong Kong and Yugoslavia.

Students are usually aged between twelve and seventeen and have had a variety of schooling, particularly in respect to Science. Difficulties may be encountered due to differences in attitudes and these mainly students or, (for women), the perception that science is a male discipline.

Most students usually feed into the junior years of the local high schools although occasionally a small percentage enter technical colleges.

Curriculum Intentions

To provide a grounding in basic scientific facts, ideas and laws in each of Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics and so facilitate students transfer into high school science.

To develop the skills necessary to work safely and co-operatively in a school science laboratory.