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Mr Michael Harmey
Mr David Rice
Mr David Rice

These aides will help with interpreting any matters you or your child need to discuss.They are here to translate and interpret. They cannot help you directly in the placement of a student at the Centre or at high school; they can only pass on your questions to the Head Teacher.

If you wish to talk to a member of staff and there is no ethnic aide who speaks your language at the Centre or you do not have an English speaking friend to help you, you should ring the Interpreter Service, 131450, and ask for the language your require.

If your child needs help with:

1. Travel Passes: he/she should see Mrs. Kang
2. Austudy: he/she should see the Counsellor with a teacher's aide
3. First Aid: he/she should see the office staff
4. Medical /Dental: he/she should see Mrs. Stuart or Mr. Rice
5. Library: he/she should see Mrs. Stuart or Ms. Eddy
6. Sport: he/she should see Mr. McAdam
7. Swimming: he/she should see Mr. Rice.
8. Excursion Fee: he/she should see the Counsellor or Head Teacher
9. international Students: he/she should see Ms Lum


Mrs. Lieu Ha Yen

Mrs. Choung-Ja Kang
Mrs. Monica Stuart / Librarian
Mrs. Violet Maricic / Croation_Serbian_Bosnian_Macedonian_Slovenian 
Ms. Karen Wong / Chinese
Mr Mikhail Kallon
Mr Mikhail Kallon / Sierra Leone
Ms Jwan Youkhanis
Ms Jwan Youkhanis / Arabic
Ms. Irine Douladellis
Class Teacher / E S L
Mr Luke McAdam
Mr Luke McAdam
Personal Development and Health / P. E.

Ms. Lisa Lum
English / Commerce
Ms. Joan Macquart
Class Teacher / English Dept / H S I I E
Ms Sue McInerney
Ms. Sue McInerney
Computer Department / E S L
Ms. Irine Orr
Mathamatics Dept / E S L
Mr David White
Mr David White
Science Department
Ms. Thea Goreta
Class Teacher / E S L
Ms. Kathy Yeo
Design and Technology / E S L
Ms. Rosa Vargas
Class Teacher / E S L
Ms Marcia
Ms. Marcia Silvia
Geography / E S L
Mr Martin Barakat
Mr Martin Barakat
Mr. Christopher Lawrie
Visual Arts / E S L / Website
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