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Passports / Visas
must be presented so that eligibility for enrolment can be checked. A student can be interviewed for enrolment but cannot be enrolled until the Passport or Entry Papers are seen.


It is most important that we have a telephone number so that we can contact parents quickly in case of an emergency. Students can become ill at school and sometimes may be injured, therefore please help us by giving us a contact telephone number.

If the student changes address, the class teacher must be told, as this may affect which high school the student will finally attend and may mean a change in bus and train passes. The class teacher will take the student to the office to fill in a change of address slip. Parents or guardians are also requested to provide documentary evidence of change of address, for example, a letter from the real estate agent or landlord concerned, a rent receipt or a bond receipt.

Children are legally required to attend school until the age of 15. Attendance at school is necessary for the academic progress of your child. Consequently, at all schools, regular attendance is compulsory. Only for exceptional reasons or illness is a child allowed to be absent from school, so we would ask you to make dental or doctor's appointments after school hours. If students are absent, they must bring a note to school from the parent or guardian on the day of their return and give the note to the class teacher. The note may be in English or in your own language. To assist you, class teachers have absentee forms to be completed . See example below:

Certificates and Reports from student's own country should be presented in original language and in English. Official translations will be done free of charge by the Immigration Department in your first year of settlement.

An average student entering the Centre with no English would stay three or four terms. This time would vary according to a number of factors including the student's previous exposure to English, age, home language etc. The student's readiness to leave the Centre is determined by the Head Teacher, in consultation I with the Counsellor and teachers. Leaving time may also be affected by the circumstances of the high school to which the student transfers and also the school year into which he/she will go.


Beverly Hills IEC, along with all schools in NSW, is committed to fighting racism in all forms. If you feel your child has been the victim of discrimination or of any sort of racist abuse at school, you have a right to make a complaint. Every school has an anti-racism grievance officer. Ms. Kerry Best is the grievance officer for the Centre. After graduating from the Centre and enrolling at High School, if your child is the victim of racist comments, he/she should speak to any member of staff who will refer it to the anti-racism officer. Your child does not have to put up with racist remarks or behaviour at any time.


REPORTS: Families are sent reports twice a year in both English and their | language where possible. The parents are to read the reports and sign them, K then return the English copy of the report to the Centre. On graduation all reports are returned in a special folder, giving the students a record of his/her - progress at the centre.

NEWSLETTER: Every term a newsletter is sent home to inform parents of future events at the Centre.

EXCURSION NOTES will inform parents of excursions. These are to be signed and returned before excursions.

At special times in the year, the class teacher with the Head Teacher and Counsellor will hold meetings in school time with parents. These are important and we would like as many parents as possible to attend

Parents/guardians are requested to park in Melvin St North when dropping off or picking up their children, as the school car park is small and for staff only. Too many cars make it dangerous for students arriving and leaving.