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There are no compulsory school fees in government schools. Schools rely on general contributions from parents, however, to ensure students have access to the additional resources that ensure the best possible educational opportunities. Additional activities, such as excursions, special sports programs or camps have additional costs that families are asked to contribute towards.

At this Centre parents/guardians are asked to pay a contribution of $10 to covers the cost of folders, certificates and graduation materials that will be given to each "student' plus $5 for Design & Technology plus an advance of $25 for Excursion costs. (total $40 in the first term).

Excursions are part of the curriculum and help students develop English skills as well as their understanding of other subjects. We ask that students maintain a balance of $25 per term in their excursion account. If you have more than one child attending the Centre, the cost is $20 for the second child and $15 for the third child. This fee is to cover all general excursions. Some classes may go on overnight camping trips. These special trips are not covered by the excursion fees.

We understand that some families, especially soon after arrival, may have financial difficulties. If this is the case please speak to the Counsellor or Head Teacher. Some families prefer to pay in smaller amounts over a few months. Some students may be eligible for Austudy payments, which is government financial assistance for schooling costs. The School Counsellor can assist with Austudy eligibilty and applications.

Again, please advise the Centre if payment is a difficulty or if you require more information.