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Mr Michael Harmey

To the Parent/Guardian

The Head Teacher and Staff of the Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre would like to welcome you and your child to the Centre. This Centre first opened in January 1978. The Centre is for all newly arrived migrant students whose first language is not English. The student stays at the Centre for a period which varies from ten weeks to four school terms. The average stay is about 6 months to a year. The length of time at the Centre depends on the student's ability in English on enrolment and his/her ability to cope with academic work in New South Wales Secondary Schools.

The aim of the school is to teach English. However, the Centre gives lessons in all High School subjects - Mathematics, Science, Commerce, Geography, Social Science, Design & Technology, Computers, Music, History, Art, Personal Development and Physical Education. The emphasis of the teaching in these subjects is on the English the student will need to have a full understanding of the subjects in high school. The student must be proficient in English to be able to study effectively in all subject areas.

The secondary schools in this region do not have teachers for teaching English to newly arrived students as this is the responsibility of this Centre.

The period of time spent by a student at the Intensive English Centre is recognised by the Department of Education as part of the student's high school career, so a student does not "lose" a year by attending the Centre.