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Rules, Regulations and Discipline

Students are not allowed in the classroom during breaks or before school except during wet weather.

Students should not eat or drink in the classroom except during wet weather. Rubbish to be placed in bins outside the classroom and the room left in a clean and tidy condition.

Students can go onto the oval or to the Canteen only during morning recess or lunch. Students are not allowed to remain in the Girls’ High School area. They must return to the I.E.C. after making their purchases.

The Library will be open for those who wish to read, play chess or use the internet at lunch time. No eating in the Library.

Large ball games are not permitted in the quadrangle (flagpole) area.

Only handball can be played in the main courtyard. Soccer, volleyball, badminton and other games should be played on the grassed playing areas.

Students should not chew chewing gum while on the school premises or on school activities.

Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or weapons including knives are not permitted at school.

Medications should be left at the office and taken when required.

Students should not bring walkmans, radios or cassettes to school or to any school activity.

Students should not bring large sums of money or precious items to school or to any school activity. If it is necessary to bring money to school it should be deposited at the office for safekeeping.

All students must stay within the Centre grounds after arrival at school.

Senior students, (18+ yrs), in possession of a Seniors card may sign-out from the Office in order to carry out banking or other personal obligations during the lunch break.

Students should be on time to ALL classes, sitting prepared with appropriate books and equipment for the lesson before the second bell. Latecomers to be sent for a late-note from the Office.

Students should change into suitable clothing for P.E. and Sport. Jeans are not appropriate for P.E./Sports classes.

Fighting, bullying and harassment are absolutely forbidden. Students should not swear in any language. Students should not touch other students or other students’ property without their permission.

Minor classroom problems are best dealt with on the spot or after class with a short recess or lunch detention. More serious problems should be recorded on the playground duty sheet or referred to the Discipline Co-ordinator (Colin Orr) or the Head Teacher. In general, three infringements of rules will result in a Wednesday afternoon detention.