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An Introduction For New Staff

Teaching materials, including cassette recorders, extra O.H.P.s and class sets of most text books are found in Room 20. Please see Mr Peter Leung, the Aide who has responsibility for this area, or leave a note of what has been taken if he is not available.
Readers (class sets) can be found in the library. Students borrow these using their library card as they would any other library book. Ms Monica Stuart will assist when available. Books of worksheets, cassettes and videos are stored with the readers and are available for the teacher to borrow.

Teaching Resources, including worksheets for various units of work are found in the filing cabinets in the staff room foyer.
Reference materials can be found in the staffroom. These have been sorted into categories (eg. grammar, writing etc) by the use of coloured stickers. Please take care to return resources you have borrowed to the correct shelf.
T.V./Videos are found in room 3, (video room), room 26 (TAS room) and room 15 (HSIE room).
Booking sheets for video are located on the back of desks facing the staffroom coffee tables. Booking sheet is filled in according to class exit dates – class teacher of class next to leave has first choice of booking. You will require a key for the video cabinet in Room 3, (currently stored in Irene’s desk drawer). Room 15 is a back-up. There is no booking sheet, but room can be used through negotiation with HSIE teachers, Mr Orr, Ms Eddy, Mrs Macquart or Ms Derwent.

Computer room is available according to the booking sheet located on the back of desks facing the staffroom coffee tables.
Library access is also available according to the booking sheet located on the back of desks facing the staffroom coffee tables.

The Library is available for class borrowing and research.
If the Library Assistant, Ms Monica Stuart, is not in the Library please note:

• Students’ bags must be left in the foyer.

• Teachers should initial the student’s card when books are returned.

When students borrow books please write the due date on:
a) Student card (orange) b) Book card (blue) c) Date due card (in book)

• Due date is one week after book is borrowed.

• Leave cards and returned books on the desk.

• Remind students to keep books tidy and to put them back in the same place on the shelves.

• Lock the Library when you leave.

Student attendance is marked twice daily, during the first lesson and after the afternoon recess (after lunch Wednesdays only). If you are timetabled for these lessons take the roll with you to class.

Collect the roll from the staffroom foyer outside the staffroom door. Mark the roll with an “A” for any absent students. Send the roll to the office with a student. Late students should not be admitted without a yellow late note from the office. School Support Staff will make corrections to rolls for those students who arrive after roll has been sent up to the office.
Students known to be present at school but absent from lessons should be reported to the Discipline Co-ordinator, Mr Orr, or Head Teacher.

The school operates a "DROP EVERYTHING AND READ" (DEAR) scheme for 2O minutes every day. The students are divided into groups of 10 -12 with one teacher. Both students and teacher are expected to engage in reading at this time. Some special remedial literacy groups and a numeracy group also operate during DEAR time.

Students may read any material in any language. They are not permitted to change library books during reading time; this should be done during normal library lessons, at morning recess or lunchtime. They are also not expected to use the toilets at this time.

The Playground Duty Roster is printed on the bottom of the timetable.
Please note the school rules below before undertaking playground supervision.

A clip board for teachers on duty is located hanging inside the staff room door. Use it to note any students in breach of school rules. Two teachers are rostered for morning recess and lunch, each to patrol either the canteen/top oval and upper area of the school or the bottom area of the playground, along to the office.

One teacher only is on duty for the short afternoon recess. The upper area school oval and canteen are out-of-bounds during this time.