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Student attendance is marked twice daily, during the first lesson and after the afternoon recess (after lunch Wednesdays only). If you are timetabled for these lessons take the roll with you to class.

Collect the roll from the staffroom foyer outside the staffroom door. Mark the roll with an “A” for any absent students. Send the roll to the office with a student. Late students should not be admitted without a yellow late note from the office. School Support Staff will make corrections to rolls for those students who arrive after roll has been sent up to the office.
Students known to be present at school but absent from lessons should be reported to the Discipline Co-ordinator, Mr Orr, or Head Teacher.

The school operates a "DROP EVERYTHING AND READ" (DEAR) scheme for 2O minutes every day. The students are divided into groups of 10 -12 with one teacher. Both students and teacher are expected to engage in reading at this time. Some special remedial literacy groups and a numeracy group also operate during DEAR time.

Students may read any material in any language. They are not permitted to change library books during reading time; this should be done during normal library lessons, at morning recess or lunchtime. They are also not expected to use the toilets at this time.

Click here Playground duties for a PDF containing the following information that you can print off.

The Playground Duty Roster is printed on the bottom of the timetable.

Please note the school rules before undertaking playground supervision.

Playground Duty Times:

Monday -Thursday
Morning 9.50 - 10.05
Lunch 1. 11.40 - 12.00
Lunch 2. 12.00 - 12.20
Afternoon 1.35 - 1.45 ( Wed. 1.50 )

Morning 1. 9.50 - 10.02
Morning 2. 10.02 - 10.15
Lunch 1. 11.40 - 12.00 (
Lunch 2. 12.00 - 12.20
Afternoon 1.35 - 1.45

• There are two teachers on each shift except for the afternoon, when there is one.

• Teachers should try to go straight from class to playground duty, otherwise be as prompt as possible.

• One teacher should be up on the oval and at the canteen, and one teacher should be patrolling the grounds and rooms in the school.

• There are clipboards by the door of the staffroom to record infringements.

Oval and Canteen
Teacher on this duty should move very quickly up to the canteen.
Students to be polite and orderly at canteen.
Soccer / Football players on oval to keep well away from BHGHS sports classes, and if they are playing at the King George's Road end they should be warned not to go after any ball that goes over the fence.
Students should come straight back to the school after visiting the canteen - not to hang around the High School area.

School Grounds
Students not to be in the classroom during breaks except in bad weather.
Concentrate on the basketball and handball areas - these are where sqabbles can start.

• At afternoon recess students are not allowed up at the oval or the canteen. They should not go past the steps to the oval.

• Please check the roster in staff room for Friday morning recess duty.


Minor classroom problems are best dealt with on the spot or after class with a short recess or lunch detention. More serious problems should be recorded on the playground duty sheet or referred to the Discipline Co-ordinator (Colin Orr) or the Head Teacher. In general, three infringements of rules will result in a Wednesday afternoon detention.

Assemblies are held once a week on Wednesday afternoons.
Staff timetabled for assembly must attend the assembly and sit with and supervise the class.
The teacher in charge of assembly sets the hall up sometime prior to the assembly. When the bell is rung, classes should be taken immediately to the hall by the teacher timetabled. Staff should assist by getting all students into the hall and seated as quickly and quietly as possible.
Student interpreters are used at the assembly. Interpreters are selected before the assembly and made familiar with all they will need to translate beforehand. All notices for assembly must be given to the Head Teacher prior to afternoon recess, to enable time for briefing of interpreters.

The timetable changes when a class graduates or when new classes are added during a term.
Prior to a new timetable, teachers complete an Allocation Form from which class subject allocations and specific timetable requests will be made.
The allocation form is given to the timetable organiser (Thea Goreta) to assist in planning and organising the timetable.
Minor temporary timetable variations should be expected when changes to school routine (e.g. excursions; work experience; school experience) take place.


Educational Duties Related to the role are:

1. To have control over programming of lessons taught to the class.

2. To liaise with other teachers of that class in deciding which language outcomes each teacher will have responsibility for.

3. To organise reports to parents in the second and final terms of students’ stay.

Administrative Duties related to the role are:
1. Class roll: Maintain a check on absentees and ensure absentee notes (proformas in the pocket at the back of the roll) or a note from home is returned to explain absences.

2. Check that office has current addresses, telephone numbers of students.

3. Check with the Senior School Assistant that term excursion fees are up-to-date before planning excursions

Careful consideration must be given to the cost of excursions/activities given the amount of subsidy that may be required from the Centre before excursions can be approved to go ahead.

The General School Contribution requested at B.H.I.E.C. is $40 in the first term of enrolment and $25 each subsequent term. This amount covers the cost of folders and certificates provided to students on arrival and at exit and provides for $25 per term, payable in advance, for excursions. If funds are not used, class teacher may use excess to cover the cost of a gift to the school at graduation.

It is recognised that some families may have difficulty meeting contributions, especially in the initial stages of resettlement. Parents are advised on enrolment that if this is the case they should make an appointment to discuss the problem with the counsellor or head teacher.

Fees may be reduced or waived. Students granted Austudy must pay their fees when payments are received. Those who are unable to pay will have a red star stamp in their file. At the beginning of each term the list of those with stamps will be reviewed to account for families whose financial situation has changed.

Please bring to the attention of the Counsellor or Head Teacher those students you discover who are having difficulty paying and who do not already have a red star.

All discussion re student’s financial difficulties should take place in private and remain confidential.

Link Days are held at the end of each term for those students who have exited the previous term. It is an opportunity for ex-students to talk to their teachers about their experiences at High School. Attendance is marked on the day and roll lists faxed to the high schools concerned.
All visiting students at other times should sign in and obtain a Visitor’s pass from the Office. All strangers on school grounds should be directed to the Office.

Usually in Term 1 the whole school goes to Shelly Beach for a Science Rock Platform excursion and in Term 4 to Kurnell, HSIE excursion.

There are also two or three incursions during the year, including Anthony Stimson with his Australian animals and Eddie Quansah, Torres Strait Islander dancer.

Any teacher can arrange a class excursion by completing the green "Variations to Routine" form, making the appropriate bookings, arranging with Office staff that class has sufficient funds for payment, and notifying the timetabler and DEAR co-ordinator. Notice should be given to the whole staff in the Staff meeting. Two weeks notice of excursions is preferred.

After approval write date of excursion on whiteboard in Head Teacher’s office.
Students must have their Excursion permission forms completed, signed by parent or guardian and returned to school before the excursion.

Hurstville Council has a minibus which may be borrowed. An appropriately licenced driver is required.

Requests from various Tertiary establishments for Practicum placements are sent to the Head Teacher during each year and passed onto the Liaison Officer at the Centre.

The Liaison Officer asks appropriate teachers to assist with the placement of the trainee teacher.

A Nurse from Peakhurst Community Hea1th Centre attends the Centre monthly for Health screenings for students.

Exiting classes have priority for screenings, however any student suspected of hearing, sight or other health or medical problems may be seen on referral from a teacher.

Referral is via discussion with the Counsellor or Head Teacher.

Dental Screenings for 12 - 14 yr. olds only are conducted by SOKS (Save Our Kids Smiles) teams twice per year.

Referrals by any Health care professionals are noted in students’ files.

These are held from 2:30 to 3:30 pm on Wednesday afternoons. Chairing of meetings, minute taking and supervision of detention are according to roster.

This is held Friday morning recess time (25 mins). Four teachers and/or support staff are rostered to provide morning tea for the whole staff. Playground duty is also by roster during this time.

These reports are for parents and should be completed in the second term of a class’ enrolment and again in the final term.

A pro-forma exists for all teachers involved with the student to complete. Aides will translate reports (Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Spanish, Croatian).

Parent teacher meetings for the whole class or for the parents of individual students can to be initiated and organised at any time by the class teacher.

The parent/teacher meeting organised in the students’ exit term gives parents the chance to learn about the school experience program, the procedure for enrolling their child at high school and what to expect from high school.

Parents should be notified preferably three weeks to a month before the meeting to give them the opportunity to make arrangements to attend.

Notes should go out to parents with a return slip asking whether they can attend or not, and whether an interpreter is required. (See standard letter). (N.B. External agencies require 7 - 10 working days notice for interpreter bookings).

Teachers’ aides will set up the hall with the help of students from one of the classes involved, according to teachers' needs - groups of tables and chairs, desks for interviews etc.

School Support Staff will look after afternoon tea with the help of two or three students whose parents cannot attend.

Aides will distribute tickets numbered according to time of arrival.

The Head Teacher will usually speak to all the parents and students together. After the talk, parents see the class teacher according to numbered ticket.

Students may go home with parent. Students whose parents could not attend are supervised until final bell.