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What place does music have in an Intensive English Centre curriculum?
Music is a Universal language, enabling students from all backgrounds to share ideas, feelings and experiences. All students have the capacity to respond to and participate in musical activities. Music provides a non-threatening
environment in which students can enjoy themselves, experience success and develop Ianguage skills.

What does music at Beverly Hills I.E.C. involve?
The subject of music at Beverly Hills I.E.C. generally involves one 75 minute lesson per week. during their time at the I.E.C., students study units of work on the basic theory of music, percussion, keyboards, guitar, the orchestra and its instruments and world music. Through a range of homework and in-class library tasks, students are able to develop their research and reporting skills. Study of the above-mentioned units of work provides students with the opportunity to develop a range of musical skills including listening, singing, playing, movement, creating and notation.

In addition to the compulsory music lessons, all students are invited to participate in the school choir, which meets twice a week to sing popular and and world music to perform at school assemblies, festivals and concerts.