Area of StudyThe Journey Class Discussion
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• What qualities does a journey have ? What sorts of journeys are there? Where does a journey start ? Where does it finish ?

• How do you Know when it starts and finishes ?

• What parts of a journey are there ?

• What procedures are there which are necessary for a journey to take place ?

• What activities take place before, durng and after a journey ?

• Create a diagram or some other represetation to show the structure and composition of a journey.

• Consider the speed of a journey - in what ways is that significant or important ?

• What sort of vehicles are used in a journey ? ( Both literal and figurative )

• On what sort of substances does a journey “run" ?

• What “paths” are used in a journey? How is the direction of the journey determined ? Who determines this ?

• What sort of journeys are into “the unknown” ?

• When might “familiar” journeys be difficult ?

•What’s the difference between journeys we take every day, and those rarer journeys that occur on a more grand scale ?

• When is a journey more easy to appreciate - during it’s process, or afterwards ?

• Why do you say that ?

• What sort of things can be learnt from a journey ?

• What records are kept of a journey ?

• What are the benefits of a journey ? What are the drawbacks ?

• In what ways have journeys changed through time ?
• In what ways are they the same ?

• What is the most famous journey humanity has made ?
• What is the most important journey that humanity has made?


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