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Inner Journeys
A component of the HSC English (ESL) Course is the Language Study Within an Area of Study: The Journey. In this part of the course students explore the ways in which the concept of the journey is considered and expressed in and through texts. Students explore the ways different types of journeys challenge people physically, emotionally and intellectually. They consider the way physical and inner journeys can result in people gaining new insights and understanding of the world around them. (English Stage 6 Prescriptions).

Students are required to study prescribed HSC texts as well as a stimulus booklet Journeys. They must also explore additional texts of their own choosing from a variety of sources, in a range of genres and media.

The Beverly Hills IEC Web Site is intended to be used as a multimedia text for the Area of Study. It contains texts and reference material, additional stimulus material documents etc. that can be used by teachers and students as additional texts for the Area of Study: The Journey.

The Beverly Hills IEC Web Site
also contains

• autobiographical recounts written by refugee students about their journeys

• photos

• reports written by Yr 12 students from Beverly Hills Girls High School who interviewed BHIEC refugee students as part of their study of the concept: The Journey. In these reports students compare the journeys of refugee students they interviewed with those of the characters in their prescribed texts.

• a report about an event that aimed to raise community awareness about African refugee students
In reading/viewing the web site, students should consider the following key ideas about the journey:

• the reasons for the journey

• the choice / the lack of choice

• the challenges / the obstacles - physical, emotional, intellectual

• the gains - freedom, safety, greater insight and understanding

• the losses - friends, family, cultural identity
Students should also consider the ways these ideas are expressed / represented in the different texts, i.e. the textual features of the different texts.
Inner Journeys
Physical Journeys
Physical Journeys
Imaginative Journeys
Imaginative Journeys
Document Support Booklet
Document Support Booklet (pdf)
Additional Support Material
Additional Support Material

BHIEC Students Stories

BHIEC Students Stories
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