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Tammy, Emily, Si Si and Syarifah.

MY BEST DAY IN MY LIFE ... was when I met my father for the first time.

I was 9 years old and I had never seen my father before. I was little and all my friends had a father except me. So I started to ask my mother where my father was. She explained to me the whole story. I said to her that I wanted to see him, I was very curious. My mother didn't know where he lived, but she knew the surname of his mother. She thought, "If I call his mother she can give me his phone number. " So she found her phone number in the yellow pages and called his mother.

She talked with his mother and she asked for his phone number. Then she called my father. He wanted to see me too, but he had a wife and two children (my little half sister and brother). I was happy when I heard that I had a little sister and brother.

A few weeks later I met him. The doorbell rang and I was standing in the hallway, my mother opened the door, and there was my father. He gave me a hug and I didn't know what to say. He brought his wife and we all talked for a long time.

This was a very strange day for me, but a happy day too, all the thoughts I had about him before, suddenly disappeared. I am very glad that I know my father now. I still talk with him a lot, even though I live in Australia now.


  captured by a thought
by a rule.

following the voice of hate
keeping our heart cool.

we think we're smart
and pity ourselves
it just keeps poisoning our heart !

just remember this
if you can create war
you can create peace

if you can create hate
you can create love

if you lie, truth will find you
'cause that's the way it goes
that's how it flows

don't swim against the river

just let yourself go
go with the flow.


My Journey

My name is Emily. I come from China and I've been in Australia for 7 months. I used to live in Australia four years ago but I went back to China for four years to study Chinese
The days in China were memorable, my friends were always beside me and they helped me to walk out of the blues. They made me feel that I'm not alone and every moment they gave me happiness and always drew a big smile on my face. Also, I miss my grandparents too, when I was only a little girl, they looked after me. So I loved them as much as I loved my parents. Now, I call back to them every week and this Christmas, I'll go back for my holiday.

Right now, I lived with my mum in the suburb which has the high school I'm going to when I finish l.E.C. I'm looking forward to study in high school but I like the l.E.C very much. The teachers always fulfill their duty and try their best to help us. I can still remember when I first came to this l.E.C, teachers talked to us very slowly and feared that we don't understand. I think that is one of the impetus for us to get better every day in English.

Well, I feel Australia is a very nice country and I think every one can have a pretty beautiful life here. The environment around us gives us energy each day ! !
I'm expecting to become an Aussie and will continue my journey in my future . . .

My Journey

My name is Si Si. My mother and I lived in the south part of China. Where there is the capital city of Guang Xu province, Nan Ning. My city is beautiful and modern. I know many people don't know where my city is. Even including some Chinese.

My father lives in China because he's got lots of work to do. But I still miss him very much. My father is an engineer; on the other hand, he is planning a new invention. I believe that he'll be success.

My trip to Sydney was with my mother in the March of this year (2004). I went to some beautiful beaches and some famous buildings such as the Opera House. They look gorgeous! I like Australia because it has good environment. I like the fresh air and the clear sky.
I came to Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre for half a year. In only this short time, I've met a lot of friends and I've had lots of fun with our teachers. That will be a mark of the happiness that remains in my heart.


Enjoying the Camp by Syarifah

We had a camp this term and I had great time in it. We went to a place called "Narrabeen Academy Of Sport". I am happy for decided join the camp because we had a lot of fun.

On Monday, we did "the High Rope Course". We had the safty equipment on your bodies before the activity. When I climbed up onto the rope, I felt it was pretty high! So when I got through the second part, my feet were blue. But finally I did all the parts of this activity because I thought I must be brave! If I didn't be brave maybe I would stay there for the whole day! I felt really happy when I climbed down. We worked in the kitchen serving food. That was a good experience but we were really tired after we finished that.

We used as the same safe equipment as Monday. We did "Leap of Faith" and "Giant Swing". I tried the the Giant Swing. That was fantastic! I had a rope tied around my waist. Then I jumped down from the platform. That platform was about 11 metershigh ! It was very scarey at the beginning. But it was exciting the whole time from when I jumped down. I didn't try the Leap of Faith, so I don't know what that feeling is. In the afternoon we went canoeing. I was dropped down into the water! That was rough luck.

Wednesday was a day we worked very hard. I won in the "Bing Bong" game. Then we had bush walking all day. That was hard because the mountain was so steep. A lot of students were tired. But I enjoyed the beautiful views. After that, we had a BBQ, that was our lunch then . We had lots of fun.

The activity on Tuesday was good, but Thursday was terrific! We went to Palm Beach after our breakfast. I played with some friends on the beach but we just played with the sands and waves. Then we went to a swimming pool. There was warm water inside the pool. I was happy because I had never swum in warm water. In the afternoon, we did Archery. That was hard for to get a high score in the beginning. My highest score in the Archery was 18 points!

In the night, we had a Disco! That was very interesting because I had never danced like that. A lot of people were shy at the beginning, and me, too. But then I found some fun in the disco. And I learnt some dances from Ms. Mataio.

On Friday, we did the last activity of the camp: Abseiling. It looked very scary but just a little scarey after the beginning. It was a good experience. Then we went back to school on the bus.
I want to go there again because I like that. Not only for playing, but for our new friends, Daniel and Matt. They are the sport teachers in the camp.