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Mohammed (Intisar's son)
drawing by Nisrine
I am Intisar AbdElgayoom.

I am Intisar AbdElgayoom. I was born in Sudan in the year 1963 and I had my basic studies in its governmental schools. I am the mother of Mohammed and Ibrahim Abdulla and I have been working as a medical practitioner since 1991.

In the year 1992 my husband and I were working in Omdurman Teaching Hospital. The Medical Support Administration started to disseminate a fatal type of spoiled intravenous solution in the government hospitals (hospitals that give help to needy people).

When the mortality rates remarkably increased due to the wide spread usage of that fatal intravenous solutions, some of the doctors including me and my husband called to prompt boycotting of that solution and they started an enlightening campaign. Its target is to highlight the way in which these solutions were allowed to enter the country and how it had been supported by the regime and its National Islamic Front Merchants.

We called for the entire community and medical community in particular to boycott these solutions and to press hard on the hospital administrations to cease their fatal distributions and to replace them by other verified quotas. We were stressing one decision that shouldn't the government withdrew these solutions, all hospitals in Sudan must go at times on strike. Instead of the prompt and humanitarian response, the government started a counter to arrest all the activists who were agitating this sensitive issue and since then we were suffering.

In July 2001, my husband was arrested and taken to an unknown place. At that point, I decided with the help of some relatives and friends to quit the country with my three children to Egypt. We resided in Egypt for 3 years.

In Egypt we suffered a lot and wrote to the Australian Embassy about our condition and applied for immigration - where my application was approved and me and my kids have been in Australia since last May. Thanks to God for giving me the chance to reside in Australia this nice country.