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International Students . . . . . 2018

international students


Beverly Hills IEC is now accepting international students to our intensive English program.

We provide quality intensive English teaching for international students as well as local students.

We prepare our students for success at high school in all their subjects by teaching them the special English of those subjects. We also care for their social needs. International students are integrated into all programs currently operating in the school.



Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre

Deputy Principal
Mr Michael Harmey

Teacher in Charge
Mr David Rice

International Student Coordinator
Mrs Lisa Lum


Melvin Street North, Beverly Hills 2209


Established: 1978

School Population: 150-200

Average Class Size: 15

General School Introduction
Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre (IEC) aims to meet the needs of newly arrived students who speak a language other than English at home. Students study an intensive English program for up to twenty weeks before transferring to their nominated government high school.
English as a Second Language (ESL) is taught through key subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Visual Arts, Information Technology and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

Beverly hills IEC also strives to prepare students for participation in the full life of a comprehensive high school.
Students participate in transition programs with the high school they will be attending to ensure their successful integration into further study.

Special Features
Beverly Hills IEC offers;
• Small class sizes with a maximum of 18 students

• Student placement in an age and learning stage appropriate class

• Students can enrol from year 6 semester 2 for progression to year 7 the following year

• University trained and fully qualified ESL teachers

• All subject areas are taught

Special Programs

• Performance group

• A widely acclaimed Cultural Exchange Program operating with a number of metropolitan and regional high schools.

• Peer tutoring program

• Multicultural festivals

• Drama and choir

• After school tutorial group

• Strong links to a range of other high school and primary schools

To Download a copy of the B.H.I.E.C. International Student Information Booklet, click here

To Download a copy of the N.S.W. Government Schools International Student Brochure, click here



If you would like further information on enrolment as an international student please go to the following website;

ISC contact address: International Students Centre
PO Box 707 (827 - 839 George Street)
Broadway NSW 2007

Tel: +612 9217 4801
Fax: +612 9212 6721

CRICOS Name: NSW Department of Education and Training (Schools)
CRICOS Number: 00588M


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