BHIEC 2009
Susan McInerney


Computers ICT A Day in My Life

Film Project Participation

This film project was supported by Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre and The Multicultural Programs Unit.

Schools (Years K-12) were asked to develop a 3 minute film which portrayed a typical day in their students’ lives. The films focused on individual students and groups of students and aimed to reflect the diversity of student backgrounds within the school.

Students used skills which are taught in Visual Art, Photography, English, Design and Drama. Students followed time lines, story boards and prepared work outside of school and lesson times.

Students experimented with basic film making techniques and editing techniques to produce their films.
All of the student films were shown at a special lunch time screening. While some student film clips were published online for other schools to view and respond to.

Visit these websites learn more.

Refugee Week 2009 - ICT & Films

In preparation for Refugee Week and as a part of ICT study senior students researched and produceda PowerPoint answering the question, "What is a Refugee?"

Students collected images, information and film footage from the internet to inform and create their PowerPoint film. Many students also interviewed teachers and students from the IEC who are refugees or have experience with refugees.

These PowerPoint's were made to educate others about the refugee situation and have been saved as short films. Please click on the links below to view different examples.


Welcome to our Beverly Hills IEC POD site. Click on this link to visit our POD casts and to listen to them.

This is a pod site hosted by PODBEAN for students attending Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre,
Australia. Students and teachers create and upload POD casts to practice their English, to listen to
each other's work and most importantly to have FUN.

PODBEAN has many different types of pod casts that you can download.

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