Unity in Diversity
Stephanie Lawson / Irini Douladellis

ESL Activities: 1. How My Friends and Peers Influence My Feelings and Behaviour

Theme: Migration and refugees

Key Learning Area:
English - Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE)

Age Group: Secondary Lower (13-14) - Secondary Middle (15-16)

Resource Type: Handouts

Stimulus Name: Friendship

Hawra and Nana

Teaching Strategies

1. Brainstorm and record words and ideas associated with being a good friend.

2. Distribute ‘Friendship’ handout. Students complete the ‘I say’ section individually.

3. Divide students into pairs and ask them to record their partner’s answers in the My classmate column of the worksheet. (Students can select partners or they can be assigned randomly).

4. Select 2-3 pairs to share their information for each situation with the class. (Rather than reading out their own information, ask students to read out their partner’s expectations of friends).

5. Select one of the worksheet situations, (for example, When I am angry with someone…) and ask other more students to read expectations of friends. Discuss possible ways that friends can influence our feelings and behaviours. Questions to ask might include:

• Do all students who answered expect friends to act in the same way when they are . . . (e.g. angry)?

• Why might friends not behave the way we expect?

• How might someone feel if their friends do not meet their expectations?

• Does being included or excluded by our friends influence our behaviours? Why?

Conclude the lesson by drawing on student responses to suggest that like families, the beliefs, values and expectations of our friends and peers can influence us.

Worksheets to download
Friendship Handout (PDF)

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Copyright Acknowledgement

Activities developed by teachers at Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre, NSW


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