Unity in Diversity
Stephanie Lawson / Irini Douladellis


These twelve lessons are aimed at raising awareness and fostering tolerance and understanding amongst all cultural groups within the ESL classroom.
The unit contains twelve lessons on the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’. The lessons target a variety of abilities and age groups across the IEC unless otherwise stipulated.
Lessons appear in a non-sequential order and can be used as individual lessons, rather than as a complete unit of work.
Lessons are based on 75minute periods and some contain pre-learning or homework activities.

Fatu and Belen
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The Lessons(PDF) • Click here to download a hard copy of the twelve lessons.

ESL Activities: Icebreakers

ESL Activities: 1. How My Friends and Peers Influence My Feelings and Behaviour

ESL Activities: 2. How Do Other People Influence My Feelings About Myself ?

ESL Activities: 3. How Do My Cultural Heritages Affect My Expectations ?

ESL Activities: 4. What's It Like To Live In A Different Culture ?

ESL Activities: 5. Iceberg - This is Who We Are

ESL Activities: 6. Pride and prejudice

ESL Activities: 7. What is Beauty ?

ESL Activities: 8. Who Am I ?

ESL Activities: 9. Journeys from Afar

ESL Activities: 10. Our Paths to Australia

ESL Activities: 11. A Mixed Bag of Apples

ESL Activities: 12. Victims of Culture

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