Esther’s Quest

Outstanding Diver of the NSWCHS Championships 23 April 2009

Esther Qin, from Beverly Hills IEC, says that when she was little, her health wasn’t very good. Her parents decided to send her to a sports school in China. She says that she was very scared of the water, but her training teacher told her that she had to stop being afraid. So Esther decided to have a go. At the age of eleven, Esther started learning to dive.

At the age of twelve, Esther attended a teenage competition in Xian and won the first prize in the one metre springboard dive. She also won the second prize in the three metre springboard dive, and the first prize in the ten metre platform dive.

After struggling with an ear infection in 2005, Esther attended a National Carnival. This was a competition that happened once every four years. Esther came fifth place in the three-metre Synchronised Springboard competition.

In 2006 Esther injured her ankle while training. She stopped training for more than a year. Her family then decided to begin a new life in Australia, arriving in Sydney in January 2009.

Esther has recently participated in the NSWCHS Diving Championship in Homebush. She excelled at the Diving Meet.

Esther has also been a diving star in the Girls 17+ Years Springboard Diving competition. She came first with a score of 448.85. Esther was over two hundred and forty points in front of the next placed diver.

Esther also won the Champion of Champions by a large margin.

Esther really enjoys being at the IEC because she has been able to meet many students from different countries. Her ambitions are to represent Australia at the London Olympics and become a World Champion diver.

Congratulations to Esther on being awarded Diver of the Meet!

In September Esther flew to Perth to compete in the Australian Schools Championship and returned with Gold Medals in the 3m Springboard and the synchronized 3m Springboard competitions.




B H I E C Ambassadors of Diversity

Esther group.jpg

Ms Jwan Youkhanis, Ms Sarah Funnell, Esther, Mrs Lieu Ha Yen and Mr David Rice


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Week 3 Term 4 2009

New Look Newsletter

Our Newsletter now includes student artwork, stories and events from our school life. I would like to congratulate Mr Lawrie for his work in editing and layout design and thank Ms Fermanov, Ms Allaou and all other students and teachers who have contributed.

Our School

Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre currently has over 200 students from 28 different countries who speak 30 languages. How lucky for all of us – teachers, students and families to be part of such a diverse and rich learning environment.

What makes a difference to our students’ learning?

Research shows that teachers and teaching have the greatest positive influence on student achievement. We, as teachers at BHIEC have high expectations of our students. In the care we take in planning our lessons and teaching in the classroom we acknowledge our responsibilities in helping our students do the best they can.

Our wonderful teachers and support staff also help our students through activities outside normal class times. These include breakfast club, sports, music, and hip-hop dancing classes.

Other positive influences on student learning include parental involvement. Parents and guardians can help by checking on completion of homework and projects, keeping informed on their son or daughter’s friends, encouraging the use of the school diary, and supporting their son or daughter to get to school on time.

Digital Education Revolution

The Revolution will soon come to Beverly Hills IEC. Student laptop computers will begin arriving at the school in mid-November. Teachers have been busy learning how to use them and thinking about ways these laptops might be used by the students in the classroom. We are sure they will help our students’ learning. Students who use these laptops will store their work on a memory stick so that they can work on their documents and projects on other computers as well as those at school. It is an exciting time as we look forward to a new era in education.

Deputy Principal Mr Michael Harmey

Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre

Melvin St North Beverly Hills

NSW 2209 Australia


Phone 9533 1293

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From the Head Teacher

Welcome back to school for term 4. It is a 9 week term and the last day of the school year for the students Wednesday 16th December. Already we have hit the ground running with strong enrolments this term. We have enrolled 6 international students and 18 regular students in the first 2 weeks of this term. The new students come from China, Egypt, Vietnam, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Azerbaijan. We have 14 classes in the school and will increase to 15 classes soon.

Swim School will be held this term in weeks 3 and 4. Each day for 10 days, 45 students and 4 teachers will travel by bus to Roselands Pool for swimming lessons. It is a great opportunity for our students to learn to swim and to become more confident in the water.

Congratulations to Ms. Ellis who has returned to school after having a baby boy and to Ms. McInerney who will return in week 4 after having a baby girl. Thank you to Ms. Highton and Mr.Barakat for the wonderful job they have done replacing them.

Head Teacher Mr David Rice

Deputy Principal’s Notes

Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre (IEC) is running an exciting new sporting initiative. The new migrants and refugees at the Centre are coming together to learn and develop their sporting skills. The Australian Sports Commission funded the program that has enthused and motivated the participants.

Students from diverse cultural groups are learning new skills. The IEC feels sport is a great uniting force which overcomes language boundaries. The students are given the opportunity to participate in sports that are unfamiliar to them such as soccer, table tennis and cricket. Teachers from the school run the program every afternoon. The program is full and will be extended to run in terms 3 and 4. Program facilitator, Mikhail Kallefi states that “It has been a very valuable program and wouldn’t have been possible without the funding we have received”. The students involved in the program will now have the chance to participate in community sporting competitions. Mallam Sankoh, a student involved in the program, states “I love when we play soccer”.

Suzie Fermanov Teacher at Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre

Photos by Mikhail Kallon

Our class is one of the best as well as the biggest classes at Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre. We have Miss Fermanov, a pretty young lady, as our English teacher. We also have Ms Orr, Ms Silvar, Mr McAdam, Ms Parry-Jones, Ms Murphy, Mr Lawrie, Mr Barakat and Miss Funnel who are hard-working, friendly and get on well with all 16 of us.

All the students in our class are different ages, from 14 to 17 and we all come from different countries. Although there is a big difference in age within our class we still get on well with one another like brothers and sisters. The older students always help the younger one with the difficult work. And the younger students always make our class vivid and full of fun.

Our class is a multicultural class which has students from 8 different countries, China, Vietnam, Croatia, Philippines, Korea, Egypt, Iraq and Bangladesh. Although we all come from different countries it doesn’t stop us communicating with each other. Actually we even learn some simple words and sentences in each other’s languages during our free time. It’s great fun sharing language and we are all proud to show each other our own languages.

As new migrants, we have all just come to Australia. For the first couple of weeks we all felt like outsiders and we were afraid and lonely. But then we were put together as a class it was like we became one big happy family, where we can share your feelings and secrets.

We work together in many subjects. This term we are learning English, Maths, Geography, Science, P.E, Computer, Healthy and TAS. We work well together in group activities in all these subjects. For example, in English, we have oral presentations every Tuesday and discuss our writing topic for the next week.

Thanks to our teachers, who are always working hard to help us. We will go to High Schools next year. We all feel excited about that, but also a bit sad to leave our classmates and teachers. We always have fun in our class together and are looking forward to our final term here at Beverly Hills IEC.

Bono Yu

Learning Through Sport

Our class


Girls soccer on the oval.

Ms Fermanov’s Class


Drawing by June Guo

Artist in Residence: June Guo

Mon Nov 2nd - Fri Nov 6th

( Week 3 )

Mon Nov 9th - Fri Nov 13th

( Week 4 )

Mon Nov 16th - Fri Nov 20th

( Week 5 )

Thurs Nov 26th (Week 6)

Mon Nov 30th - Fri Dec 4th

( Week 7 )

Tues Dec 8th (Week 8)

Wed Dec 16th (Week 9)

Thurs Dec 17th &18th (Wk 9)

It’s my first time to learn Hip-pop. That’s so fantastic! I met some lovely, creative and athletic teachers and friends! I learned the powerful and wonderful dance and achieved my dream. Also, I learned how to work with others.

The First Time

When I came to dance for the first time, they have learned for two weeks. I sat and saw them dancing “Michael Jackson”. How amazing it was! The famous moon-walk, the cool pose… I was obsessed with the dance but I worried about it, too.

After that, we learned a cute dance “Chain Hang Low”. Our teacher Jet showed us the childish face and made us laugh! We danced to this lovely song and had a happy time! I found the happiness from my childhood!

We Can Get it Over

During the time, we also face the trouble. But we help each other and get it over! I remembered that I can’t dance well the first time, they came to teach me immediately and give me confidence. When someone is in trouble, the others will come to help him, and Jet will show us again and again patiently.

The teachers are very friendly and helpful in the Hip-hop class. Miss Funnel also danced with us and Mrs Highton always cheered us up! Jet is a great teacher.

The Happy Show

At the end of the last term, we gave a show in the graduation performance. We all felt so excited, because we can show the dance which we have learned for one term.

When we were told that we were the first show, we felt so nervous. But when the music was playing, we became relaxed and devoted. We enjoyed the show very much! I thought we danced very well!

At last, we got the awards on the stage. We all felt very happy! Congratulations! Everyone!

Keep Going

This new term, we are planning to keep going! Now, we have more students join us. I believe that we will have a happy time together!

Hip-hop, we are coming! Are you ready?

more Hip-Hop on Pg 5

After School Hip - Hop



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Term 4 2009

This term a group of students have been learning hip-hop dance after school on a Wednesday afternoon. Each week their teacher, Jet, has been teaching the group new steps. The students are picking the steps up quickly and are now teaching the group some of their own hop-hop moves. It is great to see the students enjoying themselves and making new friends, thankyou to Artstart for funding this program.

My Happy Hip-Hop Time

We danced to this lovely song and had a happy time! I found the happiness from my childhood!

• Swimming Classes

• Swimming Classes

• Work Experience

• Sports Day at Kingsgrove Nth

• High School Experience

• Whole School Excursion to Kurnell

• Students Last Day

• Staff Development Days

by Katrina Xu


Demi Ljilja and Harpreet Kaur

Artwork by Anfal Mansoor

After School Hip - Hop cont. . .

Hip-hop music is musical genre which developed from Hip-hop culture. It’s based on concepts of rapping , loop, freestyle, DJing, sampling, scratching and beatboxing. Hip-hop began in the Bronx in New York City in the 1970s, from African American people, with some Jamaican immigrant influence. Another term “rap“ is used synonymously with hip-hop. Often people call hip-hop “ street dance“, because Hip-hop was danced only on the streets. Today it’s very popular and most teenagers listen to Hip-hop music.

I’m a very big fan of hip-hop and I’m dancing hip-hop in my school. It’s amazing ! ! Our teacher’s full name is Jethro Valencia, but he’s well known as Jet. Campbelltown is his hometown. He started dancing when he was in year ten at High School but when he was eighteen years old he started dancing in clubs. Jet is very passionate about dance and is a self taught freestyle dancer. He’s an mbk krumper. First he was noticed doing gigs for a lot of clubs around Sydney.

In the last few years he has focused on improving his dance choreography. Jet is working in different crews locally. He’s an official member of dance crews like Doppelgangers, Equinox and Extended Element crew. That’s not the end of his successes. He has competed in and made the top 100 in the second season of the hit series “ So You Think You Can Dance.“

On Wednesday after school , we have our hip-hop lessons. At the first lesson. I was very shy and nervous because I have never danced hip-hop before and didn’t know the teacher. But my nervousness soon passed after Jet introduced himself and made us feel more relaxed.

Before I came the class had already learned two new dances. When I saw them dancing for the first time I was totally impressed - I thought: “ Wow ! ! ! “ Jet came to all of us new people and he spent the session teaching us.

Before I knew it the lesson was finished. I was disappointed and didn’t want it to end. Every week me and my friends (who go to hip-hop) hang out for Wednesday because of Hip hop and Jet. It’s great relaxation - the best time during the week.

Our lesson is 90 minutes long. First we talk a little bit with Jet before we start to warm up. He turns on the music and he shows us the dance which we have to learn. The dances he creates are incredible and unique. They are difficult when you are watching, but when he teaches us it is easy, because of the way he shows us movements and explains it to us.

Every movement seems easy and he moves like he’s flying so Jet Is a good name for our teacher. Jet is always very friendly, and he’s always smiling. He is an inspiring teacher.

Hip-H0p Jet

by Demi Ljilja

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Every movement seems easy and he moves like he’s flying so Jet Is a good name for our teacher.


Jet and the dancers.


Drawing by June ‘Excursion to Bundeena’

Beverly Hills I E C students at . .

Alhassan is obviously “manager material”!
He has already scored a part-time job at KFC


Work Experience is a program run by the school for senior classes in their final term at the IEC. The program aims to improve student’s language skills and self esteem whilst simultaneously providing the experience of a work situation in Australia.
The program teaches students about the world of work, adult roles and responsibilities and to get students to think about their futures regarding study and work.

As part of the program, students spend a week at a workplace.This week is voluntary and the students do not get paid, however, students benefit considerably as their understanding of the work environment is far more realistic and they have a more mature attitude.

Work Experience


Angela was loved by her small students. Here she is, helping them to eat lunch.

Linh Huynh

Mina Al Rahmani

Here’s Mina, having her hair braided by three enthusiastic kindergarten hairdressers!

Mina worked at Mac Donald’s at Lakemba and in this photo she looks like the manager!




Angela Ly


Alhassan Sankoh

Taronga zoo

On the 4 of September, Miss Harvey’s class went to the zoo to look at Australian animals.

We met in room 10 and Miss Harvey took the roll, then we listened to Miss Harvey talk about the zoo. Next we walked to Beverly Hills Station then Miss Harvey gave us our tickets. After that we caught the train to Circular Quay, then we put tickets in to the machine.

Then we caught the ferry to Taronga zoo, after that we walked to the bus stop, then we caught a bus up to the zoo entrance. After that we went to the toilet then we entered the zoo.

The fist animal we saw was the koala, after that we took pictures of the koalas. Then we saw animals like the giraffes, gorillas, ostriches and the zebras. After that we took the photos of the animals, next we saw some more Australia animals like the kangaroo, emu and the platypus. We enjoyed seeing them.

Then we had lunch, Miss Harvey took the roll, then we saw more animals like the elephants, lions, tigers, meerkats, deers and tapirs. After that we took photos of the animals.

Finally we caught the ferry home. We looked around then we caught the train back to Bevery Hills, we arrived back at school at about 2.30 pm, after that we were very tired but we were happy By Sarankrit


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Drawing by June


Ms Harvey’s Class at the Zoo.


Last week, Miss Harvey’s class went to the zoo. We went to the zoo because we wanted to see the animals.

We met in room 10 and Miss Harvey took the roll, we walked to Beverly Hill station, we caught the train to Circular Quay. We caught the ferry to Taronga Zoo, we caught a bus up to the zoo entrance. First we saw was the koala. Then we saw animals like the giraffes, gorillas ostriches and the zebras. Next we watched a seal show, we saw some more Australian animals like the kangaroo. Finally we had lunch, we caught the ferry home we caught the train back to Beverly Hills. We arrived back at school at about 2.30pm.

I liked the animals. My favourite animal was the emu. By En-Ming



Ambassadors of Diversity

In the second week of my holiday, I went to the Snowy Mountains with my sister and her friends. That was a funny and interesting trip.

On Monday, we started from our friend’s house in Cabramatta. We went in four cars because our group had sixteen people. Each car had a two-way speaker so that we could chat while we were going. It took us about six hours to arrive at the Snowy Mountains. The temperature was 7°C.

On Tuesday, the temperature was 8°C. It was so warm and snow wasn’t coming down. On the road, there was a little snow from the previous day. My sisters both didn’t know how to ski, so each person brought a small, firm plastic plank to slide on. It was very funny, but it was so tiring. One hour later, we went home and had lunch. After lunch, all of the men went to the lake near the house and rented a small boat to go fishing. All of the women stayed at home to make the dinner. When it was nearly six o’clock, the men came back and brought two fish that they had caught. After dinner, we went to the living-room to chat and play cards. So we went to bed late.

On Wednesday, we didn’t ski. We went to some beautiful places. We went to the top of the highest mountain. Here, there was a lot of snow and the temperature went down to 2°C. That was very cold. We took a lot of photos. The surface was covered by snow completely. My photos were white. We decided to go to the largest dam on the Snowy Mountain, but the road was closed because it was raining heavily. Instead, we went to the second largest dam. The way which went to the dam was very slippery and muddy. It took us about 35 minutes to arrive there. We took a lot of photos of this dam. Halfway as we were driving home, the snow came down. At once, we all stopped and got out of the cars. We took photos and screamed happily. Although the temperature went down to 0°C, I felt very happy because this was the first time I had seen snow come down.

After my trip, I was very tired but I was very happy because I had seen the snow come down.


My Holiday

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snow mountain 2009 171.JPG
snow mountain 2009 109.JPG

Thao and family in the Snowy Mountains


Drawing by June ‘Excursion to Bundeena’


Artwork by Agnes Lee Korea


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Artwork by Anfal Mansoor Pakistan

S eason’s Greetings

S eason’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

for 2009

Season’s Greetings

for 2009

Merry Christmas

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bhiec logo tiff

S eason’s Greetings

S eason’s Greetings

Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre


Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre

Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings


Merry Christmas

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bhiec logo tiff

S eason’s Greetings

Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre

Season’s Greetings


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