David Rice / Irini Douladellis
The following is a refinement of the lesson plans contained in 'First Aid in Reading' by Sonya Stonement.
  First Aid in Reading
A Phonics based English Reading Program - Sonya Stoneman

Theme: Culture, language and identity - Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination

Key Learning Area: English

Age Group: Primary Upper (10-12) - Secondary Lower (13-14)

Resource Type: Handouts

Stimulus Name: Difference

First Aid in Reading has been designed to help many different types of reader: those beginning to read, those struggling with reading and those learning English for the first time. The Pretest establishes the student's starting level and the Program Book provides systematic lessons working through all major English phoneme groups and sight vocabulary words. The course teaches the 2500 most common words in English, including the Dolch list and the 400 most frequently used words in standard reading programs. The Activities Book provides revision sheets, stories and games to accompany the reading course.

Both books are highly illustrated, easy to work through and suitable for teachers or parents. First Aid in Reading is the ideal DIY basic reading program.
Students recognise that individuals and groups have both common and different attributes and that each individual may be a member of many different groups. Students recognise, appreciate and value individual differences and perspectives.


Copyright Acknowledgement
Adapted by teachers at Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre, NSW
fromThe Prejudice Book- Activities for the Classroom
David Shiman and Barbara McLean
Date: 14 September 2004